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Because of health problems I was unable to continue this project. But, now my health has improved and I have started development again. Expect the ability to download a free version by the end of November 2021. My health continues to fluctuate so the date is not absolute.


I have made significant improvements to the simulator already and will incorporate an interactive version that allows you to play against the simulator and to be prompted when you make a wrong decision. I am also incorporating new improvements based on the results from the various solvers. This program is in addition to the solvers, not a replacement. I am also developing software that will read millions of hand histories and construct opponents that closely match the average real player.  Download is not working at this time so please be patient.

There are very significant improvements to the design. There is now an application that reads Hand History files from PokerStars and calculates how the average player actually plays. Millions of hands. The application then creates the game control files like Ranges, so the simulation of the average player is very close to how he actually plays.  With that in place, the automatic optimization of our play is very good. We also use his play to calculate exploits. Knowing what his ranges are, we are able to accurately determine what his postflop ranges are based on how he has played so far and knowing his preflop ranges.

Game theory has come a long way since I stopped work a couple of years ago. There are now solvers like GTO+ that I use to select the best strategies. Too much to explain here, but the improvements to GTO are very significant.

We have also added ABC play to the opponents play. The simulation is now more precise than ever. We have also added exploitation play. 

Too many improvements to cover here and am adding more daily, especially in the area of exploits.

When PeakHoldem is released, all of the improvements here will be in the free version and will remain there permanently. Zero cost.

What I have planned for future releases I will not disclose yet.

We all want the same thing.

We want to win more or lose less. Move up in stakes.

But we don't want to spend thousands of hours studying,

or risk $ while testing a new strategy.


Peak Holdem is free to download and use.

Peak Holdem is a new application with completely different architecture that can dramatically improve your game. This is the first application to make extensive use of simulation of the full game against simulated opponents.  Unique enough to be patent pending. 62/732,519.

The play simulator is a very fast Hold'em simulation engine that plays Hold'em poker using only the external Strategy files. The Engine plays Hold'em but makes absolutely NO play decisions, such as Fold, Check, Call, Bet, or All-in.  The prime directive is “No play decisions made by the Engine!” They are  all in the database and can be edited by specialized editors.


PeakHoldem generates Hand History files just like a poker Website. You can use PeakHoldem with existing poker programs like Holdem Manager. Analyze and verify your results with an application that you already use or are familiar with.

There are many detailed reports that you can use to evaluate your Strategy.


Your strategies, and your opponent's strategies are in files in the database. Every file can be edited by specializes editors that make it easy. You can use Automatic Generation to create a Strategy file then edit the details.


No other application estimates the EV for every preflop hand, and for every draw and made hand with just a couple of clicks.


PeakHoldem even makes Game Theory Optimal GTO Minimum Defense Frequencies (MDF) practical to use at the table with minimum effort. The improvements in win rate are dramatic.


Future versions will include things like automatic optimization of ranges and rules, including MDF. Opponent Strategies will be based on Hand Histories from the web site that you play at. Board analysis will teach you how to easily categorizes flop boards. Advanced play based on board analysis.


If you like this application, please tell your friends and post in poker forums.


*Download temporarily unavailable pending completion of Release 2.0.*


If you get this message: "Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk, More info." 

Click on 'More Info' and then click the "Run Anyway" button.

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