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*Download temporarily unavailable pending completion of Release 2.0.*

If you get this message: "Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk, More info." 

Click on 'More Info' and then click the "Run Anyway" button.


Welcome to PEAK HOLD’EM

Peak Hold’em is the solution that you’ve been looking for. Our expert team of programmers and players have combined their efforts to create the ultimate poker analysis tool.


  • Dramatically improved win rate with greatly reduced effort.
    Based on simulation technology, experiment with Strategy changes, easily and without risking your money playing thousands of hands at a web site, or at the  table.

  • Edit any element of your strategy.
    All strategy files have editors and automatic generation. Ranges and Rules including MDF.


  • Hand History files for Holdem Manager
    Use an old familiar tool to verify results and strategy tuning without risking real money.

  • Super fast Simulation
    Play 100,000 simulated hands in 3 seconds and displays Win Rate. Edit any strategy element then see new results.

  • Minimum Defense Ranges show a 10% to 30% improvement in your win rate.
    MDF is simplified to something that you can use, Ranges for Flop, Turn, and River.

  • Patent pending technology. Nothing on the market compares.
    All player decisions are in external files that you can easily edit and test.

  • Just the start. Programmers and Holdem experts are testing new functionality now.

  • Create opponent profiles from your own Hand History files.

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After 30 years as a senior programmer with IBM, Chuck Peak turned his sights toward his other passion: Texas Hold ‘em. His insight into advanced game theory and his computer-like mind allowed him to develop a unique game system that rapidly escalated him to a (winning?)player. For the first time, Chuck is sharing his skill through an easy to use poker simulator that will take your game to the next level.



*Download temporarily unavailable pending completion of Release 2.0.*

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