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Do you win money because you hit Flops ?????

That is NOT where most of the money comes from. Fit or fold is a losing strategy!

Ed Miller used the analogy that Hold'em is not like playing a slot machine. Just because you have flopped a Royal Flush does not mean that you will win a pot any way proportional to the value of the hand. Most opponents will fold unless they hit the Flop hard.

You win money if your opponents fold before Showdown and if you win the Showdown. No other way. It's only at Showdown that the value of the hand really matters. That is why the proper bluff frequency is so important. About 2/3 of your Flop hands should be a bluff and 1/3 for value. On the turn about ½ and on the River about 1/3 bluffs and 2/3 for value.

These are simple facts based on mathematics. The math is based on Game Theory Optimal ( GTO ) and Minimum Defense Frequency ( MFD ). You do not have to understand the mathematical concepts to apply them to your game at the table. MDF can be reduced to a simple rang, like your opening range.

Optimization and Opponent Strategy based on 1.000,000 real hand history files. C-Bet ranges, and Barreling ranges. Game Theory Optimal and Minimum Defense Frequency for dramatic improvement to your win rate.

Every future release of PeakHoldem will increase the accuracy of opponent play. Unique enough to be patent pending. 62/732,519.

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