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Exploitative play or AI or GTO?

The biggest flaw is in trying to choose between exploitative play and GTO play. They can be used together in a relatively simple and usable way.

Take MDF on the flop as an example, with a half pot bet the MDF is 66.6%. Apply blindly and you will lose. Start with looking at your preflop range. Did you open, call 2 bet, raise to 3 bet bet, etc. Your flop range must be a subset of that specific range. But, before you consider removing 33.3 % of your preflop range, consider your hand. You will never actually fold a set

because of MDF.

You can easily establish a percentage of your flop hands and draws that you will continue with regardless. Say that is 22% for the sake of discussion. Remove the weakest 22% from your preflop range. Play them for value. Remove 22% from your MDF number, it's now 44% Use the 44% to again reduce your preflop range, removing the weakest hands first. Use this range to make your continuation decision. The result will be a continuation (MDF) percentage that is closer to the 66.6% number. Still not exact, just

much closer. It will take some experimentation to determine your best MDF range. The change in win rates are dramatic.

I am trying to separate the theoretical from the practical. You are correct, in theory. But I am not capable of playing GTO poker in real time. I don't know anyone who is.

If I can't play GTO against random opponents, then I need to be able to take advantage of GTO even if it is not perfect. The whole idea is to discover how to use GTO theory to improve my win rate vs. conventional wisdom or exploitative play.

What I am researching is practical alternatives that can be applied in real-time at the table. I can memorize a range that I develop away from the table using simulation. It will not be perfect, just practical.

I have simulated this basic approach and observed improvements in win rates that astonished me. Just believe that there must be a better way.

I have reached a different conclusion. Using simulation in 6 max no limit, I have been able to dramatically improve the win rate on every street and every position. I first evaluate hands ( flush draw,Top pair, etc. then reduce the calculated MDF by the hit rate (oversimplification). What remains is the strongest hole card range that I continue with (not fold). I am sure it works, but I am equally sure that there is a better way.

PeakHoldem can dramatically improve your win rate. Every future release of PeakHoldem will increase the accuracy of opponent play. Unique enough to be patent pending. 62/732,519.

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