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How do we money playing Texas Hold'em?

This may look like an oversimplification, but sometimes it is necessary to reset our thinking.

There are exactly two ways that you win. If all of your opponents fold or if you win at showdown. If they fold, it makes no difference what cards you had. Simple, but sometimes we lose sight of this.

Most of the money, that you win, comes from opponents who call too much or raise too much. It comes from their mistakes. Not so much your brilliant play. You win that money by catching your opponents playing too many hands and making them fold or get caught at showdown. You win by betting and raising with good hands. You bet and everyone folds or by winning a showdown. You can win before showdown with a bluff.

If your opponent plays too few hands, avoid him. A simple strategy. Exploit weakness, avoid strength.

This is pretty basic, maybe you do that already, but sometimes it helps to get back to basics.

PeakHoldem can dramatically improve your win rate.

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