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How good is the new Alexander Fitzgerald book?

Alex is one of the 2-3 very best poker book authors and a great coach. He has a new book coming out on December 4, 2018. Available from Amazon. His previous book was great good, the new one is better.

The focus of this new book is Exploitation. I have just read the first couple of chapters and it is spot on! He starts by focusing on the average opponent. He clearly points out that not focusing on your opponent is a huge mistake. In most games, you start with a table of unknown players. The only reasonable strategy is to start with the average opponent. How often does he do things like Check Raising the Flop, or 3-Betting preflop. Information like this is essential to developing a good strategy.

Alex also points out that between 85% and 95% of all players are losing players. If you learn from them you will be a loosing player too. You must not play like them! If the 85% to 95% think that you are playing well then you are not.

Alex also points out that it is a huge mistake to worry about what your opponents think of you. If you get caught in a bluff that your opponents all think was stupid, be happy. It is best that he thinks you are a fool. Never, ever worry that your opponents do not think you play well. They are part of the 85% to 95% that lose money. Instead worry if they respect you. When you win with a bluff, no one knows. When you get called on the River, everyone sees your bluff and lose respect for you. That is exactly what you want and is part of the benefit of the bluff.

Many of the ideas in Alex's first book have been incorporated into PeakHoldem. We have already started planning release 3 of the FREE version. Thank you Alex.

PeakHoldem can dramatically improve your win rate. Every future release of PeakHoldem will increase the accuracy of opponent play. Unique enough to be patent pending. 62/732,519.

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