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How to analyze Flop boards

Before classifying a Flop board as Wet / Dry or Static / Dynamic we need to do a

mental gap count. A gap is the distance in value of 2 cards. 7c6d or 3d2c are

both gap 0. 7d9c and KsJh are both gap1. 8d6d and Qs9h are gap2. AhKcTh. is both a gap 0 and a gap2. They will help us to evaluate the Flop for Straight or

Gutshot possibilities.

Let's look more closely at AhKcTh. It fits into the bucket HHH, is a Rainbow, Ace

high, and no pair. The Ah limits the Open Ended Straight Draw OESD possibilities

because only single ended Straights are possible and there are only 4 outs to a

Straight. Because most preflop ranges include AK hands Ax hands the possibility

of a maid hand is likely.

Back to gaps. We can assign points to gap 0 and to gap 2. AhKcTh vs. KcQsTh. The KcQsTh flop has an OESD possible which is 8 outs, is a gap0 and a gap1. Obviously we will score them differently.

What does a OESD gap0 worth. It depends on the number of hole card combinations that will make a draw. For example QdJ2h: AsKd will make a straight draw but not OESD.

KcTc will make an OESD. Td9d will make an OESD. Kc8s will make a Gutshot.

That is not all of the combinations but demonstrates the basic idea. In the example above, the hole cards that are commonly opened or called with include big cards, Ax, suited connectors, and pairs. In a flop like Jh6d5s could make an OESD but the hole cards 4x3x or 8x7x seldom make it to a Flop.

But we do now have a way to score Flops. Here are the points that I would assign

just to gaps:

Points Gaps


4 Gap0

8 gap0 and gap0 9c8h7s

2 gap0 and gap1

2 gap0 and gap2

7 gap1

7 gap1 and gap1 Js9h7s7

2 gap1 and gap2 Js9h6s

2 gap2 and gap2 Qs9h6s

This is not yet sufficient to categorize the Flop. I will go deeper into this in a future


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