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Is Game Theory Important to You? Can it Improve your Win Rate?

Short answer, absolutely.

Game Theory Optimal ( GTO ) and Minimum Defense Frequency (MDF) can dramatically improve your Win Rate! And it's not all that difficult.

MDF can be implemented as simple range tables. Like what you probably already use

preflop. I'll show you the math in a simple example, but it is very difficult to to in a very few seconds at the table. But a chart can be memorized. The free application makes it simple, does the math away from the table.

MDF is the fraction of your range that you must continue with when facing a bet to prevent your opponent from profitably bluffing any two cards. To calculate MDF for your opponent:

MDF = pot / pot + bet

For sake of discussion, assume that there is $10 in the pot, you bet $5, and your opponent folds 50% of the time.

MDF = 10 / (10 +5) = .666 Alpha = 1-MDF = .33

EV = (10*.5) - (5*.5)

2.5 = 5 - 2.5 You have a plus EV

If opponent continues 66.6% of the time.

EV = (10*.333) - (5*.666)

0 = 3.33 - 3.33 Now it is break even.

It's important to note that with the correct MDF you can not be exploited by opponent bluffs. Really, it's that simple.

Release 2.0 of free, will be out in a couple of weeks, with many improvements and new functionality. Including automatic Optimization and Opponent Strategy based on 1.000,000 real hand history files.

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