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MDF and Fold Equity – Are they really useful?

Previously, I have discussed Minimum Defense Frequency MDF and I have discussed Fold Equity. Let's bring them together. They work best together.

Please forgive a little math. Alpha is how often you need to fold in order for a given bluff to break even. Alpha + MDF = 1. So if your MDF is 67% then your Alpha is 33%. Always a sum of 1.

If your opponent makes a pot size bet then they need a Fold Equity of 33% to break even. You must defend 67% of the time. 1 – .33 = .67.

So what are some of the practical uses?

1. Defending against steals.

2. Defending against C-Bets.

3. Defending against buff raises.

4. Defending against re-steals.

5. Anytime that your opponent raises, keep this in mind.

I will be adding details in a future post.

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