No Limit Hold'em - More complex than chess?

Most people think the answer is yes. Neither game has been fully solved. If there were a solution, it would be too complex and detailed for the human mind.

Both games are similar in many ways. It starts with learning the basic rules. Then generalized ideas like using pawns to protect more valuable pieces and not raising with trash preflop.

In both games it takes practice to become good at the game.

In both games, one of the stages in learning is to think ahead. Not as much what you will do, but what your opponent may do. Looking outward, not inward.

In Hold'em that means looking at what your opponent might have. On the flop, looking back preflop at his position and actions. It will give you a start on figuring out what hand range he started with and how that range could hit this specific board. The importance of this can not be stressed too much.

Looking ahead is important in Hold'em. If you raise the flop and he re-raises what will you do. What is your plan for the turn and the river. Some players bet then wait. Good players think ahead before they bet.

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