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Poker is more than luck

When I retired, I still had the need for competition. Fishing Bass Tournaments gave me that. I needed a schedule, a challenge, a reason to get outdoors. Not to rot on the couch.

When I first started fishing seriously I had no idea in the world what it took to be good at it. I read books and magazines. They gave me all of the excuses. I came in with 5 pounds and knew that it was because of the high Blue Bird sky, not a cloud. But how did that explain my friend who had 18 pounds the same day. I asked him and did not like the answer. He said that I was not watching my line and not feeling the bites. He was right, and I spent a lot of time line watching and learning feel. No one can really teach you but they can show you what you need to learn. In a few years, I was winning boats.

Poker is like that. You start by thinking it is just luck and lose your shirt. Then you slowly realize that it is mostly skill, with a just touch of luck. You learn about frequencies and ranges and a lot more. Finally you are a consistent winner.

I help others to improve their fishing skills, because it's rewarding. I help others to improve their poker skill, the same reason. Only one or two fit in my bass boat, but many more on my website.

Age has made fishing much difficult for me. But I can still make a computer sing.

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