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Release 2.0 of the FREE PeakHoldem application will be released soon

PeakHoldem is a free poker application that can dramatically improve your win rate. It is a very sophisticated simulator (patent pending) that allows you to experiment with your strategy without risking real money. You change a strategy element, like a preflop opening range, then run 100,000 simulated hands in seconds, then check the change in your win rate.

There are many detailed reports, like the expected value of a draw or made hand on the Flop. Information not available elsewhere.

Elements of Game Theory Optimal GTO and Minimum Defense MDF are part of the package.

There has been a lot of improvements and bug fixes. The most significant improvements are:

1. The Average opponents strategy is now based on the analysis of over a 1,000,000 real hand history files. Opponent Strategy is far more accurate than before. Simulated with much more accurately. The evaluation of changes to your strategy are therefore much closer to being perfect.

2. The software now analyzes Flop board texture, and classifies flops as wet, dry, or neutral. This is used in creating post flop ranges. Like C-Bet.

3.C-Bet ranges have been added. Others such as Barreling, delayed C-Bet, Check Raise, and Floating on the way. Might even make it into this release.

4. There is a new range Optimizer. It automatically makes a change to a selected range, plays 100,000 simulated hands, examines the result, makes another change, and continues until there is no more possible improvement. Still not perfect, but far closer. It will do in a few minutes what would take you days to do.

5. Reports are now even more accurate. New reports on flop texture.

6. Too many minor improvements to list.

Give it a try at if you want to win more or lose less.

PeakHoldem can dramatically improve your win rate. Every future release of PeakHoldem will increase the accuracy of opponent play. Unique enough to be patent pending. 62/732,519.

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