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What is range optimization?

First, range optimization is a major improvement in PeakHoldem and it is available in the FREE version.

So, what will be free in version 2.0? The basic preflop ranges, Open Call, 3 Bet, Call 3 Bet, 4 Bet, Call 4 Bet, Limp, and All-in. As you might suspect, much more power in the paid version early next year.

Optimization is done in basically the same way that manual optimization is done, just a lot faster. A change is made to a Range, for example preflop we clear the range then start adding one hand at a time, after each addition the Optimizer runs at least 100,000 hands and records the win rate for each change.

The optimized range is the one with the best win rate. Simple. Well, slightly more complex than described but we don't share all secrets, just the results.

The accuracy of Optimization is determined by the accuracy of the opponents strategy. To create that strategy, we have analyzed over 1,000,000 real hand history files. The results is a far more accurate opponent strategy than in the first free release. Yes, the highly improved opponent strategy is in the free version.

The basic results are a set of starting ranges to instantly improve your win rate. In the paid version, optimization will include ranges like C-Bet, Barreling and MDF.

The free version 2.0 will be available in about 2 weeks. Many other

improvements, as well! More about that in another post.

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