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Texas Holdem - Do we really listen?

What does this have to do with poker? How you analyze new ideas. Most of us have some built in resistance to new ideas. I hope this will be helpful.

Years ago, in a management training class, we had an interesting exercise. The instructor told us that we all listen to a 5 minute tape. On the tape would be an employee who had come in to tell you, the manager, how the department could be run better.

The instructor played the tape. The employee was very irritating, but because it was a tape we could not interrupt.

When the tape was over, the instructor told us to list the 5 points that the employee made. Most of us failed.

I don't remember all of the points but a couple were:

1. All women who are expecting should get prenatal care and should listen to their doctors advice,especially when it had to do with the child's health.

2. There is no place for sexual harassment in the workplace. It should never be tolerated.

I failed. I did not really listen. I spent my thinking about how I would counter his stupid ideas.

The instructor walked us through the 5 key points then asked if anyone disagreed. No one did. Then he played the tape again and we were all able to hear what he said.

From time to time I think back to that class. I still don't listen as well as I should. I do know that I need to try harder.

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