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What do good hands like? What do bad hands like?

Good hands like showdowns. If you have a good hand on the Flop, do not try to get your opponents to fold. You want to make him pay you, not fold. Get as much as you can.

Bad hands hate showdowns. You want your opponent to fold. If they don't fold to a bet, then you should fold.

This is all pretty basic, but sometimes it is good to rethink Strategy based on simple principles. We all tend to get caught up in details and sometimes loose site of our basic goal, win more.

Unless you have Superman eyes or your opponent plays his cards face up you can estimate his range but it's only an estimate. Stick with frequencies and your ranges. For a half pot bet, you want to continue with a hand 67% of the time. Unless you are a computer, keeping track of your frequencies is not possible. You can control them with ranges.

When you sit down at a table, in a Casino or online, the people at the table are usually strangers to you. Even if you have played against them before, you may not remember accurately. The best way to start is by assuming that their frequencies and ranges are average. Adjust when you have a good read.

Release 2.0 of Peak Holdem will be out in a couple of weeks, with many improvements and new functionality. Including automatic Optimization and Opponent Strategy based on 1.000,000 real hand history files. C-Bet ranges, and Barreling ranges.

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